What Size Storage Unit Do I Really Need?

Renting a storage unit for the first time is a daunting task. There are so many sizes, so many options, so many companies, and it all changes the prices you end up spending. It adds up! The first step should be at least figuring out what size storage unit you need. At Secure Storage, we offer a range of sizes depending on the location, so availability may differ depending on where you are.

All of Our Sizes

Our units range from 3ft x 4ft all the way to 15ft x 50ft. That gives you an idea of just how varied these sizes can get. Let’s use our Baraboo location as an example, as it offers a wide variety of sizes along with some of the most up-to-date options in terms of security and temperature control. As you can see, they start at a 5×5 self-storage option, all the way up to a 10×35 temperature-controlled storage option.

SizeDescriptionMonthly Rate SizeDescriptionMonthly Rate
5×5Self Storage40.00 10×20Self Storage95.00
5×5Temperature Controlled50.00 10×15Temperature Controlled105.00
5×10Self Storage50.00 10×20Temperature Controlled125.00
10×5Self Storage50.00 10×30Self Storage140.00
5×10Temperature Controlled60.00 10×25Temperature Controlled145.00
10×5Temperature Controlled60.00 10×20Temperature Controlled153.00
10×10Self Storage70.00 10×25Temperature Controlled175.00
5×15Temperature Controlled80.00 10×30Temperature Controlled202.00
10×15Self Storage80.00 10×35Temperature Controlled235.00
10×10Temperature Controlled90.00    

Let’s go through some ideas of the kinds of things that will fit in each option, and you can compare this list to the things that you need to store. Keep in mind, you need to be able to get around inside the unit somehow, so don’t pack it completely to the brim! If you need more ideas, read about 3 common mistakes to avoid when using a self-storage unit.

Storage Unit Sizes, Options, and Capacities

A good starting point is to round up when you’re making size estimates, and then get the next size up. For example, your 60” flat screen is about 53” from end to end. Let’s round that up to 5 feet, and we’ll assume about a foot from the screen to the back if we’re storing it in the box. In this situation, we would want at least one side of our storage unit to be about 10 feet. We’ll have space for the packaging and accessories, as well as a walkway for us to move around and safely lift it when it’s time to move out.

Stepping down to the 5×5 storage unit, this is a good option if you just need a secure place to store boxes or totes full of miscellaneous things. Treat it like a closet for all the things you only use once a year like Holiday decorations or store some of the things you don’t need to keep in the home while you or a family member goes away to college. Are you planning on moving? Use it to keep some of the less important boxes, so you can focus on the important day-to-day use belongings and keep the clutter out of the way.

What could we use the 10’x35’ storage unit for? 10 feet is just about enough for a normal car or SUV. A wide vehicle like a Hummer H2 or a Ford F-150 Raptor probably would be too wide to get in and out of. For reference, a standard lane on the highway is almost exactly 12 feet, while a parking space is about 9 feet. If you can get in and out of your vehicle in a parking space, without crossing the line, you’ll have just enough room to park in the 10’x35’ size. Thankfully, most cars are anywhere between 15 feet for a small-to-midsize car like a Toyota Camry, and even a standard Ford F-150 is only 20 feet. Our storage unit is 35 feet, which leaves you plenty of room in front of or behind to store other things like appliances or boxes.

Things To Consider

Again, choosing a step up from “exactly enough” is recommended to give you space to safely navigate and move your stuff. Another thing to consider is whether or not the unit is temperature-controlled. We’ve talked in-depth about this, so head over and read about what temperature-controlled means in the first place. One last thing to keep in mind is the duration of the rental, and we’ll be going over that topic and all of our options soon so check back in soon to read more!

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