Secure Storage’s Temperature Controlled Unit Rental

Secure Storage’s Temperature Controlled Unit Rental

We provide a wide assortment of storage units available to rent that are “temperature-controlled,” but what does that mean? Why is it important? Where are these units available? Let’s answer some of those questions for you.

Importance of Temperature Controlled Storage

It’s no surprise that here in Wisconsin, we have some crazy temperatures. It gets hot and sticky in the summer and cold and frigid in the winter. You already know of the problems that come along with temperature changes. Sidewalks crack, doorways shift, window frames warp, wood floor separates—it gets a little out of control. All of this warping and damage can occur to your belongings, as well. We highlight some of the benefits of temperature control, but let‘s explain in more detail why this feature is essential.

Wood, paper, and ink are particularly prone to damage. Materials such as wood, documents/ paper, and photos or paintings can absorb a lot of moisture. It’s the same reason sidewalks, and even indoor wood flooring takes on so much damage:  the dirt around and underneath it takes on moisture which freezes and expands, causing the materials nearby to warp and crack. That leads us to the next point.

What goes into a storage unit being temperature-controlled?

All of our temperature-controlled units take advantage of sensors to monitor temperature and humidity, maintaining between 55–85 degrees year-round. Maintaining a good temperature will naturally aid in controlling the moisture in the air and prevent that moisture from causing excessive damage. Fifty-five degrees is warm enough not to freeze, and eighty-five isn’t hot enough to cause heat damage.

Our Available Rentals

Thankfully, all of our units in BarabooMauston, and Waunakee, as well as the location on HWY 12&19 all provide controls to keep your content safe. These locations also provide many other features (link to features page) to even further provide the best self-storage unit you can get in those locations. Call to schedule a storage unit showing or rent online today.

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