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Secure Storage Unit Insurance

Are Your Valuables Protected?

Storage Unit Insurance is essential to protecting your belongings. It also covers the replacement value of your belongings, so in the event of a loss or damage, you can rest assured that you will be compensated. Don’t wait until it’s too late – protect your valuables today.

Unit Insurance

Program Coverage

Fire or lightning

Windstorm or hail

Weight of ice, snow, or sleet; or collapse of building

Smoke or water damage, except for flood

Vandalism, malicious mischief, or burglary

Check Your Policy

Your current renters, homeowners, vehicle/automobile, watercraft, personal liability business or other insurance policies may provide coverage for your stored valuables. Consult your insurance agent to determine if your valuables are covered while in storage and review your policy exclusions, deductible amount, and coverage limits. While you may already be covered through your other policies, a storage unit insurance program may provide access to a more specialized coverage.

Coverage Options

Other coverage options are available in some states. Contact your insurance agent for more information.

  • $2,000
  • $3,000
  • $5,000

Program features

Options – The program provides options to make insurance easy for you. From various coverage amounts to a wide variety of covered perils and an affordable selection of monthly premiums, we can provide access to the right policy to fit your needs.

Transit Coverage – The policy provides coverage for your valuables while they are in transit.

Easy Claim Service – We provide access to professional customer claims service representatives to make the claims process easier for you.

Policy Pays First – Your claim will be paid even if your homeowners’ policy provides coverage

Storage Tips to Help Protect Against Loss

Lock Your Space – Use a disc or cylinder lock for a higher level of security.

Protect Your Items – Store your items on pallets or shelves and cover them with sheets to protect them from dust, moisture, etc.

Do Not Store Certain Items – Refrain from storing high-dollar items such as jewelry and currency and do not store flammable or hazardous materials.

Make An Inventory – Take an inventory of your items and keep it in a safe place. this will help expedite the claims process.

Step 1.

Ensure that you and your valuables are safe. If your valuables are at risk of sustaining further damage, take necessary precautions to protect them without putting yourself or others in harm’s way. Also, tell the facility manager about your loss.

Step 2.

Take pictures of your storage space and any damage your items may have sustained. Don’t throw away any damaged property until you speak with the program customer care representative.

Step 3

If a criminal act appears to have taken place, such as vandalism or burglary, contact the local Police Department to file a police report.

Step 4.

Call a customer care representative at 855-805-7433 Or visit the website

Additional Terms and Conditions

The policy does not cover certain items such as important papers, money, jewelry, watches, and furs. There are also certain perils not covered by the policy which include floods, mysterious disappearance, and mold damage. Please refer to a copy of the certificate of insurance for a complete list of exclusions.

Storage Tips