Long Term and Short Term Storage

Secure Storage has units available for Long Term and Short Term Storage!

The Four D’s

Of all the reasons someone could need a storage unit, there are four most common, incredibly unfortunate situations people find themselves that result in needing a storage unit. They’re commonly referred to as the “Four “D’s”:  Downsizing, Disaster, Divorce, Death. Often, you’ll need somewhere to keep things while you process these unfortunate events.

Secure Storage operates on monthly leases. We do this to make sure that you’re able to get the storage you need as quickly as possible and aren’t forced into a long-term lease. You could be moving for a multitude of reasons and need room to keep your boxes near the new property during the short-term process. Perhaps you cannot fit all your items in a smaller garage, in which case a long-term storage unit would be a wonderful asset to you. Maybe you’ve inherited a collection of items, or you needed to move in with someone. No matter the reason, a storage unit can help lessen the burden while safeguarding your belongings.

Prepare for storage

Storage units could be filled haphazardly, but you’ll more than likely end up regretting not taking more time to plan things out when it comes time to vacate the unit. There’s a few quick things you can do to help prepare for moving out so that you can start to move on.

  1. Use totes, not bags or boxes. Bags and even cardboard can attract mildew and insects, due to the enclosed space trapping more heat, moisture, and other natural effects. Totes give your things more space to breathe, as well as being more structurally sound to protect your belongings. Especially in the long-term, protecting your things is important. You can buy totes from a store like Wal-Mart for cheap.
  2. Leave yourself a walkway. It’s not the most commonly thought of thing, but giving yourself space to navigate your unit is incredibly helpful. Whether you just need to grab one thing from the back of the unit, or you need to get something from the bottom of the stack, having space to navigate and move things is helpful.
  3. Think about how much space you need. Keeping the previous two thoughts in mind – using totes to be more organized and create stacks of items, but also giving yourself space to walk around and move things – think about how much space you need. Having extra space is better than not enough space in the long run, so if you’re deciding between two sizing options, go with the bigger one. It will be a lot less stressful during an already stressful time.
  4. Need more tips? Here’s 3 more mistakes to avoid when using a storage unit.

When Should I Leave?

When you move out is completely up to you. As we said, we use a monthly lease to make things as cut and dry for you as possible. We only ask that we have a 30-day notice, but if you really do need to leave right away we’re more than willing to work with you. Just contact us as soon as you have the chance and we’ll work something out.

We hope you come to us due to opportunity and not misfortune, but we’re here to help regardless of the situation. Get in touch with us if you have any questions, or rent a unit now if you’re ready to get the process started.