Temperature Control in the Summer Heat

Temperature Control in the Summer Heat: Risks of Heat

This summer is only a few weeks in, and it’s already one of the hottest we’ve seen in a while. This can be incredibly dangerous for your belongings if they’re not in a controlled environment. We’ve all seen sidewalks crack from the cooling and heating of the day, and you may have even seen some of the roads buckling and growing huge cracks due to the extreme rise in temperature in early June. Similar damage can happen to your belongings too.

A temperature-controlled unit will stay between 55-85 degrees year-round, ensuring that it’s never too hot to damage your items. Of course, each product may have its own instructions for proper storage, but in general 55-85 is an optimal range. You can learn more about temperature-controlled storage units right here on our blog.

Home Alternatives

In addition to being a protective alternative to a non-controlled storage unit, it may even be a beneficial alternative to your home as well. Should your AC malfunction, or if your only storage is an uncontrolled attic, a temperature-controlled unit is a great way to not only free up some space in your home but also make sure your belongings are safe and undamaged throughout the seasons.

Storage Units for the Summer

If you’re in a climate that gets extremely hot in the summer, or if your home isn’t quite able to accommodate your storage needs, a temperature-controlled storage unit is a great way to fulfill that need. Secure Storage offers temperature-controlled storage units across Wisconsin, find a location now, or give us a call to find a solution that best suits you!