Control Your Storage Security

Control Your Storage Security:

Secure Storage in Wisconsin utilizes many tools to provide some of the best security you can get for the price. That’s just what we provide though. What are your options for adding on to that? What can you do to take your security into your own hands? There’s things you can do every step of the way, from before you move in, to the time you start packing your things and filling the unit, to the moment you lock the door and leave your things for the first time. Some things are a matter of convenience, some are a must for making sure your things stay safe.

Setting Up Your Unit

One of the first things you should ask yourself is whether you want an indoor or outdoor unit. There are benefits to both! Outdoor units are much more accessible, letting you store vehicles, boats, large furniture, and more. Not to mention, it feels much more individual when you only need to worry about your own door. Some of the benefits of indoor units include an extra doorway, meaning extra locks between a thief and your stuff. Another benefit is better lighting, providing a sense of safety when you’re tending to your unit. Both are available (location allowing) so that’s up to you.

The next thing isn’t always required by unit owners, but is always strongly recommended and is required by Secure Storage. Insurance, provided by companies like StoreSmart. Thankfully, storage insurance is affordable (like renter’s insurance). $10-20/mo gives you the assurance that should something happen, your things are covered financially. Not all items are covered by insurance, which leads us to our next point.

Filling Your Unit

Insurances will tell you what is and isn’t covered. Keeping cash or precious jewelry in your unit is risky, and insurances don’t cover it. That doesn’t mean you can’t store it, but just know that you’re on your own if something happens to it. Other belongings, like sentimental items or highly personal items, may be covered, but that doesn’t mean it’s always a great idea to store it. Think about what you want to store, and think over any reasons that you wouldn’t want to store a given item.

Once you’ve chosen what you store, write it down! Keep track of what you store in your units, and check on it periodically. Keeping inventory like this ensures that you know that all of your things are safe, no matter how big or small they may be. For more tips on filling your unit, check out this post on our blog about tips for long term and short term storage!

Locking Your Unit

Your stuff is packed, you’re ready to go fill your unit. A rental with Secure Storage includes a disc lock for your unit. Disc locks are one of the best styles of locks to prevent people breaking in. It provides as much security as a standard lock, without having the giant loop that could be cut by bolt-cutters or other tools. Secure Storage requires these locks for the safety of your belongings. If you lose your first lock, new locks are available for purchase from our offices.

To Put It Simply: It’s Simple

There’s not a lot to taking control of your security. The few things you do have a great effect though. Plan out your unit, keep track of what’s in your unit, put a good lock on it, and then have the insurance as a backup plan. All of this prep will ensure you won’t need to call that insurance provider! Have any more questions? Contact someone at Secure Storage and we’ll be happy to talk.